Siamese Cat Price: How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost?

Siamese cat price

So, how much do Siamese cats cost?

An adult Siamese cat costs around $1,000 while a Siamese kitten is likely to cost between $250 and $1,000.

As you shall find, these prices are not cast in stone, and there are indeed so many factors that affect the cost of a typical Siamese cat.

As the buyer, you may need to do a little homework to ensure you understand all the factors that affect the price of a Siamese cat. Only then can you determine if the cost is a great bargain for you or not.

First Things First….Just What Are Siamese Cats?

The Siamese cats is one of the oldest cats ever to be domesticated by humans.

These cats trace their roots back to Thailand, and are derivatives of Wichianmat landrace.

Due to their playful tendencies and unparalleled love for humans, Siamese cats became very popular with pet owners, so much that their popularity spread across North America and Europe like wildfire.

Adorable Siamese Cat

The modern Siamese cat sports a triangular head that is characterized by large ears and almond-shaped eyes. Their bodies are generally slender, elongated and fairly muscular.

They are also distinguished by their point coloration. These features are slight variations from the traditional Siamese cats, which means the cat has not undergone intense crossbreeding since its domestication began.

? Much of the difference between the modern and the traditional Siamese cats is in terms of their body size. The traditional Siamese cats have an apple-shaped head and their bodies are slightly chubbier than their modern counterparts.

Siamese cats are known to be some of the best with families that have young kids, thanks to their social, playful and affectionate nature.

These cats are especially fond of the game of fetch and will occasionally demand some cuddling from their human owners.

Siamese are also fairly intelligent cat breeds and are able to develop robust social relationships with their human friends.

If you really want to be an informed buyer, check out this video:

What Are The Different Kinds Of Siamese Cats?

As we seek to answer the question, “how much are Siamese cats worth?”, it is important to begin easy by understanding the different kinds of Siamese cats available. The following are some of them;

1. Seal Point:

The seal-point Siamese cats have a body that can either be creamy, fawn or pale in color. This coloration may darken as the cat ages.

Usually, the fur on their back is normally darker than that in their tummies.

The points are usually deep-brown, nearly similar to the same color of seals. These cats have their noses matching with their little toes.

Siamese cat cost

2. Chocolate Point:

These Siamese cats closely resemble the seal points. Just as their name suggests, their points are dark brown, with the only difference being that these points contain tones that are warmer and lighter.

Generally, the fur on their bodies is also lighter in comparison to that of seal points.

Perhaps the clearest distinguishing feature between these two kinds of Siamese cats is in relation to the pads on their feet. Chocolate points have pinkish pads and nose.

3. Blue Point:

As the name suggests, blue-point Siamese cats are characterized by a bluish face, ears and tail tip.

The color is actually bluish-gray. And though their bodies are predominantly made up of white fur, there is always some bluish cast to it.

Blue Point Siamese Cat Price

4. Lilac Point:

As compared to many kinds of Siamese cats, lilac-point Siamese cats received their recognition much later, in 1955. The cat is characterized by grayish, pale-pinkish or purplish color.

They also sport a lighter body coat as compared to that of the chocolate point, blue point or seal point.

Lastly, you will distinguish lilac points from the fact that their nose and feet often have matching colors.

5. Wedgie Siamese Cats:

This type of Siamese cat, as you probably already guessed, is distinguished by a wedge-shaped face. However, other wedgies could also have a triangular shape. Their long lines are fairly prominent.

6. Apple Head:

One of the first things you will notice about apple heads is that their faces are rounder and much stockier compared to many other Siamese cats.

They are aptly named apple head because they feature a round head that, unlike other kinds of Siamese cats, is not very prominently pointed.

Apple heads bear close resemblance to the traditional Thai Siamese cats as compared to the modern cats.

apple head Siamese cat price

7. Color Point Short Hair:

Also known as lynx-point Siamese cats, these are a cross between Siamese cats and the domestic, short-haired cats.

Due to their resilience and adaptations, the Cat Fancier’s-Association accepted them as an independent breed.

What of Newborn Siamese Cats?

? It is interesting to note that when Siamese cats are young, they are all white. They maintain their white color for between a few weeks to a couple of months.

It is only when their different color shades become fuller that you can distinguish among the different types discussed above.

Siamese kitten

What Factors Influence The Cost Of Siamese Cats?

The best way to answer the question – how much do Siamese cats cost? – is to factor in both the cost of acquiring the cat as well as that of keeping it as a pet.

We already mentioned the average cost of an adult Siamese cat, so we will dig deeper into other factors influencing this cost.

First of all, it is important to ask yourself whether you are adopting a Siamese cat from the shelter or purchasing a purebred cat. The latter option definitely comes with a heftier price tag.

So, how much is a purebred Siamese cat? Well, the price ranges from around $400 to upwards of $1,000.

1. Cost Of Kitten Versus Adult Siamese Cats:

Evidently, a Siamese kitten price is expected to be lower than the price of an adult Siamese cat.

Instead of going for adult Siamese cats, you could choose to buy Siamese kittens. This option is great if you have adequate time to nurture your cat as you foster strong bonds between the two of you.

Siamese kitten face

However, nurturing any baby to adulthood is no walk in the park, and the same goes for Siamese kittens.

But generally, how expensive are Siamese cats?

As we have already indicated, it is a lot cheaper when you adopt the kitten from cat shelters. But if are interested in purebreds, you are better off looking in reputable breeders. The cost of Siamese kittens ranges between $250 and $500.

When it comes to the cost of adults, appearance plays a very significant role. Appearance varies depending on the coat color of the cat, and that color depends on which kind of Siamese cat you choose.

On average adult Siamese cats will cost somewhere from $250 to $1000. Of course, there may be slight variances depending on the distinct kind of cat you choose. Of course, show-quality cats are likely to come with higher price tags than average cats.

2. Cost of Neutering and Spraying:

The purpose of neutering a cat is so as to reduce his aggressive and protective traits such as fighting and marking of territory. It also ensures the cat does not wander a lot.

Contrary to popular belief, both female and male cats can be neutered, though male cats tend to be more aggressive and are often seen as prime candidates for neutering.

On the other hand, spraying is done to reduce incidences of urine marking and heat cycles, as well as help keep certain diseases such as mammary cancer at bay.

how expensive are Siamese cats?

You will incur anywhere from $100 to $300 to get your Siamese cat neutered and sprayed. The cost pretty much comes down to the animal shelter from where you seek such services.

Neutering could also be a little higher for female cats since the procedure is relatively more invasive.

3. Pet Supplies:

Due to their affectionate nature, Siamese cats tend to be naturally drawn to their owners.

Even worse, these cats are not necessarily the silent type so if you do not grant their wishes, they will only keep bothering you. Therefore, it is imperative that you get them the right distractions, among other supplies.

That means the overall Siamese cat cost is greatly determined by cat supplies, and these supplies do not come free of charge.

A litter box is the most common supply you will need for your Siamese cat, and they come in various sizes, shapes, designs and quality.

You can also decide between a disposable and a reusable litter box. The latter will cost you more but you can look at it as a one-time purchase since you can use it over and over again.

The price of the most basic one – the hooded litter box- ranges from $15 to $20.

Then there is the specialty litter-box that you can get from $20 to $150. The more custom-designed the litter box is, the higher it should cost, and the higher the ultimate Siamese cat price.

Apart from litter, you also need cat food. The price of cat food varies. However, you should prepare to spend between $6 and $9 for a 5-pound bag of dry kitty food.

The last category of cat supply that affects the overall Siamese price is toys. Again, toys vary in price depending on the type.

4. Health Checkups:

Luckily, Siamese cats are generally healthy. However, that does not mean they will not require regular visits to the vet.

Some of the health conditions these cats are likely to suffer from include heart disease, cancer, liver disease or respiratory problems.

Annually, vet visits cost between $70 and $400. During such visits, the cat will be vaccinated and treated for flea control.

The cat may also get a dental and oral checkup. The cost of vet visits will vary depending on whether your cat is insured or not.

Siamese cat insurance ultimately depends on the type of cover you take, as well as the insurance company.


So, How Much Are Siamese Cats?

The cost of a Siamese cat depends on so many factors.

Buying the cat is only one half of the problem – the other half involves meeting the various maintenance costs we have highlighted above.


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