Top 15 Best Dust Free Cat Litters (With Reviews)

best dust free cat litters

There are so many cat litter options in the market today hence choosing the most suitable one might be a daunting task for most cat owners.

However, selecting the best cat litter doesn’t have to be an overwhelming exercise for you.

When selecting the best cat litter, you need to look for the two most important elements in the particular brand you are considering to buy from. The ideal cat dust litter ought to be easy to clean and dust free.

I am sure that you will come across several brands which claim to have natural, odourless and dust free cat litters but you need to take your time and do some background check for yourself first.

Read on as we review some of the best dust free cat litters in the market today.

At a Glance: Our Choices for the Best Dust Free Cat Litters

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Why is a dust free cat litter important?

The main reason why a dust free cat litter is important is the fact that it is good for your feline friend’s respiratory health.

It is just not for your cat but for the entire household as well, especially if you have kids around. But what does it really mean for a cat litter to be termed as dust free?

Remember that the one ingredient which causes a dusty effect on most clay clumping cat litters is something called sodium bentonite.

This chemical or agent is responsible for forming the tight clumps when your kitty uses the cat litter box hence making it very easy for you to clean up your cat’s litter box.

Most times, if you have ever used a clay cat litter, you may have surely noticed the dust clouds when you pour the litter into a waste disposal bag or box.

dustless cat litter

Is Sodium bentonite harmful for my cat?

Frankly, there has been no scientific proof that shows whether sodium bentonite is harmful or not to your cat or even to us humans.

However, you need to be careful when you have a cat that is allergic to it. When you simply scoop the traditional clay litter it can throw a cloud of dust.

So what solution or option do you have? A dust free cat litter is the answer.

Four Things you need to look for when buying a dustless cat litter

1. Consider the ingredients:

You need to check the ingredients of the particular dust free cat litter that you are purchasing.

? Make sure that it has no sodium bentonite or crystalline silica because both of these agents have the potential to cause a dusty residue.

If your feline friend has asthma or any other respiratory illness, it might force you to stay away from cat litters that contain these two agents. The same applies if you have anyone in your house that has respiratory allergies or illnesses like asthma.

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2. Consider the material:

When you want to go for the traditional clay litter, you need to have it at the back of your mind that most traditional clay litters contain the above ingredients.

This essentially means that you will get a cat litter box with a side of dust as well. You need to go for a cat litter box that is made using natural material.

This could either be paper or walnut. There will be less likelihood of you having to deal with dust residue when cleaning up your kitty’s litter box.

3. Consider the granule size:

Generally, you should opt for a cat litter that contains larger granules and not one that as fine particles.

This is because with larger granule particles, the dust remittance is also likely to be less compared to a cat litter box with fine particles. This is so even when you are using the traditional clay cat litters.

4. Consider the price:

When you are working on a tight budget, price becomes a factor that you need to consider. You can go window shopping as you compare and contrast the different prices from various brands.

Online reviews can also give you a lot of information regarding the various cat litter boxes. You can go for the one that fits your pocket and is also good in terms of quality.

What is the best dust free cat litter?


What are the common types of dust free cat litters that produce little to no dust at all?

1. Pellet litter:

A cat litter that is made using recycled paper is one of the best dust free cat litters that you can opt for.

2. Walnut:

There are dust free cat litters that are made using natural ingredients like crushed walnuts.

3. Pine:

Natural dust free cat litters made out of heat treated lumber scraps are a great option as well.

4. Corn:

Dustless cat litters made from corn are great due to the extent of biodegradability. It provides fewer odors and is naturally absorbent.

5. Silica gel crystals:

You can also opt for dust free cat litters that are made out from tiny silica gel beads.

6. Wheat:

Lastly, there are dustless cat litters made out from ground wheat which are also a great choice for your kitty cat.

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Best Low Dust Cat Litter Reviews

1. SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter:

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Are you looking for one of the best low dust cat litter? Smart Cat All Natural Clumping Litter literally clumps on contact and will continue to do so until your entire cat’s urine is absorbed.

It is also easy to clean as you can scoop the clumps as your cat eliminates her waste. This makes the cleaning process very easy and fast!

SmartCat All Natural Litter has a quick clumping action that allows it to trap any odor-causing bacteria. It is the best for you if your cat has respiratory issues because it has no dusty residue.

Further, it is made from 100% grass hence has no chemicals in it. It is clayfree, not scented and also biodegradable.


– Lightweight.

– Out clumps clay daily.

– It is 99% dust free.

– Made using 100% grass.

– Not scented.


Tracks all over the place.

2. Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter:

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Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter is a brand that will definitely guarantee you quality.

It offers you seven days of odor-free use from the blend of moisture-activated micro-granules. These granules also form a tight seal around the waste and the baking soda eliminates any odors that are sealed inside.

This litter is best for households with several cats and it is also very easy to clean the solid clumps.


– 100% dust free platinum formula.

– Easy to clean the solid clumps.

– Comes with 7 day odor-free home micro-granules.

– Made using natural ingredients.


It might be strongly scented.

3. Purina Tidy Cats:

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If you are looking for a dust-free cat litter that is light weight and unscented, Purina Tidy Cats should be the best choice.

It enables you to get rid of any odor from cat waste as it uses activated charcoal that absorbs odors and keeps your house smelling clean.

The tiny pores on the surface of the charcoal help to suck and absorb any odors and also trap any unpleasant smells. It has an Ammonia Blocker which prevents the formation of ammonia odors in the litter box.


– It is lightweight.

– Dust free.

– Unscented odor control.

– Easy to clean.

– Free from any fragrances and dyes.

– Has TidyLock technology that helps lock away odors.


It needs frequent cleaning to enable it clump well.

4. Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter, Unscented:

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This is one of the best clumping cat litter boxes that you will ever own.

Ever clean Extra Strength litter has a formula of activated carbon bonded to and mixed with the litter granules.

It also contains an antimicrobial agent that helps to prevent the growth of bacterial odors on the litter.


– Has activated carbon that eliminates any odor on contact.

– It is very light in weight.

– Unscented formula.

– It is completely dust free.


Might be a little bit expensive compared to other cat litter boxes but the good thing is you do get value for money!

5. Scoop Away Complete Performance, Scented Cat Litter:

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Are you worried of the horrible cat litter box odors that stubbornly refuse to just go away?

Worry no more because the Scoop Away Complete Performance Scented Litter can eliminate even the most stubborn of cat litter odors in your house.

It has a special formula that can get rid of odors even in the busiest cat litter boxes.

Just as its name indicates, you can easily scoop the clumps and clean it up in no time. It is totally dust free hence making its maintenance hustle free!


– Has maximum strength formula that can handle even the most extreme odors.

– Tight clumping cat litter and leaves behind no stinky crumbles.

– Lightweight.

– Easy to clean and wash.

– Low dust formula.

– Has fresh, clean natural scent.

6. Dr Elsey’s Ultra-Premium Clumping Cat Litter:

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This is actually one of the most unique cat litters in the market today.

Dr Elsey’s Ultra-Premium Cat Litter litter is a very special formulation that combines the heavy non-tracking granules of the classic litter together with medium clay.

This results in an excellent clumping litter which prevents moisture from ever reaching the bottom of the tray, while at the same time providing you with a clump that will not easily disintegrate.

If you are looking for a dust free cat litter then this is very ideal for multi-cat families.


– All-natural clumping kitty litter.

– Allergenic and it contains no plant proteins or fragrances.

– It prevents moisture from reaching the bottom of the litter box or tray.

– Uses heavy non tracking granules for less mess.

– Very ideal for sifting/ mechanical litter boxes.

– 99.9% dust free.

– Hard clumping.

– Has superior odor control.

– Very light in weight.


New formula might be totally gooey and sticky. Make sure to always clean up the litter.

7. Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light Multi-Cat Premium Scoopable Litter:

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Looking for a light weight, dust-free cat litter? Look no further than this amazing product right here.

It is very light in weight and works really great. You really won’t believe it that this premium clumping litter is up to 25% lighter as compared to other heavy scoopable litters.

It is very easy to clean and also absorbs odor-causing bacteria leaving your cat litter fresh and clean. Its superior clumping also allows for easy scooping and its low dust also helps to prevent the litter from cracking.


– Has a low dust formula that you can be sure it prevents the litter from tracking.

– Has unique blend of minerals that help to absorb odor-causing enzymes on contact.

– It is durable and long-lasting

– It is a premium clumping multi-cat litter that is up to 25% lighter than other heavier scoopable litter.

– Very easy to clean.

8. World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula:

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Cleaning up your cat’s waste has never been made easier! The World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula offers you a flushable cat litter that has an outstanding odor control and clumping ability.

This easy-scooping and quick flushing cat litter solution is flushable and also very septic safe. It therefore gives you total odor control while you minimize dust and tracking.

It is best suited for households that have a number of cats.


– Has outstanding odor control.

– Easy scooping.

– Quick clumping abilities.

– Flushable.

– Septic safe.

– 99% dust free.

– Very pet, people and planet friendly.

– Very light in weight.


You need to be extra clean to avoid bug infestation in the cat litter.

9. Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense Clumping Litter:

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Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense Clumping Litter is soon to become one of your favorite cat litters.

It has a fast-acting and clumping formula that can lock wetness and odors, it can also trap cat urine, destroy faecal matter and any ammonia odors on contact.

Another excellent feature is the fact that Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense Clumping Litter is also 99% dust free! This makes it relatively easy to clean hence cleaning up your kitty’s mess has never been easier.

Always remember to wash your hands thoroughly with clean water and soap after cleaning it.


– Has fast-acting clumping formula that easily traps odors and makes cleaning easy.

– It is super absorbent, easily locks in wetness.

– Gets rid of ammonia, urine and faeces’ odors.

– It is 99% dust free

– Has a money-back guarantee.


– May be unsuitable for your feline friend with allergies and respiratory issues.

– Great product but lousy packaging.

10. sWheat Scoop Multi Cat Natural Wheat Cat Litter:

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MultiCat litter is also a great option if you are looking for a dust free cat litter that your kitty will absolutely fall in love with.

It may not have an outstanding deodorizing power but its natural wheat enzymes do work wonders. They ensure that any litter box odor is always neutralized.

It really doesn’t matter whether you have multiple cats because it works perfect! sWheat Scoop Multi cat will keep your house always smelling fresh and clean with its deodorizing strength.


– It is very light in weight.

– Easy to clean.

– Has natural wheat enzymes that neutralise odors.

– Has faster and firmer-clumping litter.


Great product but lousy packaging.

11. OkoCat Natural Paper Cat Litter:

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Okocat Natural Dust Free Cat Litter offers you with a long lasting odor control in a dust-free formula.

This cat litter is made using 100% paper fibre and is free from any chemicals, dyes and any synthetics. It also has specially formulated pellets which are firm on the outside and soft inside.

This natural cat litter is also fortified with long lasting odor technology which has been scientifically proven and tested to be able to absorb more than double its weight in liquid.

This dust free cat litter is also biodegradable and light in terms of weight. Okocat comes in a package that is compostable and pretty much easy to carry.


– Lightweight.

– Biodegradable.

– Easy to clean.

– Dust free paper pellets.

– Can absorb about 200% its weight.

– Has odor shield technology.

– Feels very soft on your cat’s paws.

12. Boxiecat Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter:

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It is high time you levelled up with your cat litter. Boxiecat boasts of having quality that will make a notable difference in your kitty’s life.

It has a hard flat top that allow clumps to form instantly on the top of the box rather than sinking to the very bottom. It is easy to scoop and clean.

Boxiecat is also dust free hence you need not worry about your cat getting any dust allergies or any respiratory illnesses. It has a scent-free formula that is truly odourless and helps to eliminate ammonia odors without having to use any fragrances to mask the smell.

Boxiecat is also very soft on your feline friend’s paws and also resists tracking. It is the excellent choice for both single and multicat households. If you prefer a cat litter made of clay and is 100% effective then this cat litter is definitely for you.


– It is long lasting and very much durable.

– 99.9% dust free and hypoallergenic.

– Has exceptional odor control and effectively gets rid of ammonia odor.

– Has an instant flat top clump which forms rock hard clumps that scoop easily making it easy to clean.

– It stays clean and fresh for long.

– Has low tracking granules that are all- natural and unscented.

– It is an award-winning cat litter as it was voted as the “best cat product of the year”.


Being made of clay it is a little bit heavier than other dust free cat litters.

13. Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light Ultimate Care Lightweight Scented Multi-Cat Litter:

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This cat litter comes with a 10 day odor control just to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

It has a proprietary odor control technology as well to ensure that both you and your kitty enjoy a fresh litter box for ten days. It is easy to scoop and clean.

Fresh and Light Ultimate Care immediately forms clumps which you can easily scoop and clean up. It also has a 99% dust free formula that eliminates any dust clouds and mess in your cat’s litter box.

This cat litter box is also very light in weight hence easy for you to move it when you need to do so. It is made of clay therefore healthy for your kitty.


– Has unsurpassed odor control.

– Has strongest clumps.

– 99% dust free.

– Easy to clean.

– 50% lighter.

– Made of clay, hence very eco-friendly.


It might be a little heavier than the other ordinary dust free cat litter boxes.

14. Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Quick Clumping Cat Litter:

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This dust free cat litter is made out of walnut shells and is very healthy for use by your feline friend.

Naturally Fresh presents to you an amazing cat litter that has an incredible odor control as well as long-lasting absorbency.


– Highly absorbent leaving your cat’s litter fresh and clean.

– It is very light in weight.

– 100% environmental friendly and natural.

– It does not stick to your pet’s paws and won’t be tracked all over your house.

Our Choice

SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter:

For me, The SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter has to be the best.

It has the perfect combination of finely farmed grasses, it is an all-natural litter that works wonders. It is very light in weight and also clumps hard and fast that odors simply can’t escape.


– No smell even with multiple cats.

– It is made out of eco-friendly material, 100% grass.

– It is 99% dust free.

– Very light in weight.

– Easy to scoop.


It’s a little bit expensive compared to the other options.


In a nutshell, you can always get real dust free cat litters which are there in plenty in the market today. All you need to do is to have an idea of what you really want and pick one that suits your cat’s needs.

The few I have mentioned are just meant to give you an easy time when you go out shopping for your ideal dust free cat litter.

Always remember to keep the litter box in a well-ventilated area even though it is dust free. Pregnant women should stay away from the cat litters for health reasons.

Treat your feline friend to at least one of the litters and let her enjoy a fresh environment even as she does her business. A clean and fresh cat litter equals to a healthy and happy cat!


Maria is the Founder and Senior Editor at She is a lifelong feline enthusiast, self-educated pet care nerd and adores cats of all shapes! Currently parent of 2 adopted cats. She loves iced coffee, playing guitar and cat-cuddling! .

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