Can Cats Eat Baby Food? Good or Bad Idea? [Best Advice]

can cats eat baby food

If you are a cat owner, then you must admit the fact that our cats become part of our family.

The day you bring your feline friend home, you feed her, take good care of her when she is unwell, and buy her expensive toys, which of course she rips in just 5 minutes!

There are countless times we refer to our cats our “babies” or our “fur babies” In fact, adopting a cat is a serious step for some couples.

There are some who take it as a rehearsal step for having real babies. Cats also tend to be more resilient than human babies so perhaps they do make great starter children.

Since our cats become our babies for a while, we tend to be very cautious about everything that we do put in their mouths.

There are instances you have to scrutinize each and every ingredient written on your cat’s kibble before you buy.

There are days you find yourself researching on cat treats and perhaps the side effects they get from eating certain plants. You also feel guilty when they get ill because of something you gave them to eat. This is perfectly normal for any cat lover.

So today in this article, I would like to shed some light on whether cats can eat baby food. Is there baby food for cats? Can cats eat baby food? Read on to find out this and much more.

Can Cats Eat Baby Food?

The answer is yes! Cats can actually eat some certain types of baby food.

Of course you need to give your cat baby food in moderation.

You need to know that baby food is just pureed food and after all, it can prove to be helpful in certain instances.

Both babies and cats are known for their delicate tummies, so it does make a lot of sense that there are some types of baby food that would be perfect for your feline friend as well.

If there are some cat foods that your little kitten is unable to eat and properly digest, then you better opt to give her some baby food.

Also there are times when your cat is recovering from an illness or some injury, during these times, they may benefit greatly from eating baby food.

Baby food may help your cat get some healthy nutrients as they slowly recover back to health and are able to eat their usual kibble.

The most important thing that you need to always remember is to carefully read the label of the particular baby food that you are about to give your cat. You probably want to give your cat the best baby food and some of the best options are often meat-based.

Make sure that the baby food you want to give your cat has no ingredients that are toxic like garlic, raisins onions or chocolate.

Is Baby Food Healthy for Cats?

Most pet parents ask whether baby food is healthy for cats. The answer is yes it is.

? Baby food comes in handy when your cat becomes sick or is recovering from surgery. When your feline friend falls ill, it is highly likely that they lose their appetite and most of the time they keep throwing up.

When your cat vomits a couple of times, she becomes weak and may be reluctant to eat her usual kibble. Baby food then comes in handy because at the end of the day your cat needs to eat to stay alive.

The smell of meaty baby food can be enticing to your cat to lure him to taking a few bites.

Baby food is made to fit delicate baby stomachs and so might be handy for your ailing cat. Baby food can be the gentlest food that you can feed your cat.

is baby food healthy for cats

Cats are known to be carnivorous in nature and giving them baby food may help them to hold it in their stomach long enough to get all the nutrients they need.

Your cat’s digestive system is built to process meat products so when you give her baby food or meat and vegetable mix is okay.

Furthermore, when your cat is reluctant to eat and has low appetite, the best option you can give them is something that they will eat without a big fuss and baby food can be most ideal.

However, you have to keep in mind that although baby food is most ideal to get your cat through a rough patch, let it not be a total meal replacement.

Best Baby Food for Cats

Most of the time cat food is deficient of one of the essential amino acids for felines called taurine.

We humans are able to produce taurine on our own but this is not so for cats. This therefore means that your cat has to get taurine from his food and he is likely to get some health problems if he doesn’t get enough of this essential amino acid.

The deficiency of taurine in your feline friend’s diet can cause hair loss, skin problems, fatigue, depression, increased risk of infection, cardiovascular and reproductive problems among other health problems.

Taurine in baby food can therefore be useful in filling your cat’s nutritional needs for healthy growth and development.

What Are the Best Baby Foods for Cats?

Always remember that not all baby food is good for your cat. There are some types of baby foods that are dangerous to your feline friend.

When you buy pureed meats for your cat, make sure that you check the ingredients list for garlic and onion powder. These particular ingredients are toxic to cats. When you give your cat baby food that contains these two ingredients it can cause a condition called Heinz body anaemia that is fatal to cats.

If you suspect that your cat has eaten baby food that contains these toxic ingredients, then it is advisable to contact a vet immediately. You also need to avoid other ingredients like grapes, raisins, chocolate, dairy products and chives.

Normally your feline friend’s symptoms would subside within a few days but in case they don’t, you need to take her to the vet for further diagnosis and treatment.

Some of the best baby food brands for cats that you can try out include the following:

1. Beech Nut 1st Stage:

Beech nut baby food for cats is actually one of the most ideal baby food there is that you can comfortably let your cat feed on without having any worries.

It contains no artificial sweeteners or preservatives that may make it unhealthy. Beech Nut baby foods also come in a variety of flavors that your kitty will definitely enjoy.

Beech nut 1st stage is ideal for your kitten because it is meant for babies and not toddlers. When you are having a sick cat that is making a fuss out of his mealtimes, then Beech Nut 1st stage will come in handy at this point to help keep your cat’s nutrition on point.

beech Nut 1st stage baby food for cats

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2. Gerber Baby Food Stage 2:

When you want to give your cat baby food and you are stuck in choosing between Beech Nut and Gerber, you need to be extra careful in doing so.

On the surface the two baby foods might seem the same but there are some notable differences.

The good thing is that both baby foods have different flavors and consistency suitable for babies to toddlers.

Gerber stage 2 is suitable when you want to introduce baby food to your cat because of its consistency and nutritional value. This will help your cat to be able to adjust accordingly to the different solid kibble that you want to start giving them.

Gerber Baby Food Stage 2 for cats

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3. First Choice baby food:

First Choice baby foods are also suitable for your cat as they are mostly made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

With a variety of flavors, first choice baby foods make sure that you are not limited when it comes to making a choice on which particular one you want to get for your feline friend.

First Choice baby food for cats

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Baby Food for Sick Cats

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed if perhaps you have a sick cat that won’t eat her kibble. Baby food is your knight in shining armour during such times.

Cats with kidney disease can also benefit greatly from eating baby food to boost their nutrition.

? You can also give baby food to your diabetic cat without a worry. The reason being baby food brands for cats like Gerber and Beech Nut contain no artificial sweeteners that can be dangerous to your diabetic cat.

It is also good to give baby food to cats with cancer to enable them boost their immunity system and grow healthy.

Is it Okay for Me to Give Baby Food to My Elderly Cat?

The answer is absolutely yes! It is perfectly fine to give baby food to your elderly cat because baby food as we already highlighted before may contain some essential nutrients that your cat needs for healthy development.

It is a known fact that most elderly cats may have gastrointestinal issues and may not be able to properly digest some kibble as they did before.

It is therefore recommended for you to give your elderly cat baby food to enable her age gracefully and possibly keep some old age illnesses that mostly affect senior cats at bay.
Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook

How Much Baby Food Should I Give My Cat?

When it comes to giving your cat baby food, just a small amount to supplement his diet should be enough.

You need to give your cat baby food in moderation. Small amounts of baby food every once in a while to supplement your feline friend’s diet is all what your cat needs to grow healthy and strong.

I know how tempting it can be to give in to your cat’s wants of some of his favorite baby food just by the sight of it.

However, as a responsible pet parent, you need to be firm and friendly at the same time. Let your kitty cat know that she can only have a small amount at a go. After all, baby food is not a meal replacement but you can use it to supplement your cat’s diet.

It is important to note that when you give your cat too much baby food, it can cause diarrhea in some instances. Your cat is probably not used to eating baby food so when you do introduce it to his diet, I advise that you begin slowly as you observe how he reacts to it.

Final thoughts

I get this question often: Is baby food healthy for cats?

Yes it is! Baby food contains some essential nutrient called taurine that helps him to grow healthy and strong.

As highlighted before, your cat’s regular kibble may not contain this important nutrient so you might just need to supplement your cat’s diet by giving him baby food.

Some of the best baby food brands for cats include Beechnut, Gerber and First Choice. Beech nut chicken is a favorite for many cats and I am definitely sure that your cat will not be an exception.

can kittens eat peanut butter

In conclusion, you can seek medical advice from your vet before introducing baby food to your cat’s diet. First begin by giving him small amounts as you keenly take note of his reaction.

Baby food is safe for cats to consume as a treat that is given to them every so often, that is just once in a while and also it should be given in small amounts.

It is a great supplement to your cat’s diet but you need not make it a total meal replacement because it is also not nutritionally complete.

If you decide to include a meaty treat to your cat’s diet it is perfectly okay, especially if your cat is sick or just having some health issues. However, take caution not to put your cat on a long-term baby food diet of he is healthy.

With all said and done, baby food is a great treat to give your ball of fur once in a while so go ahead and let her enjoy!


Maria is the Founder and Senior Editor at She is a lifelong feline enthusiast, self-educated pet care nerd and adores cats of all shapes! Currently parent of 2 adopted cats. She loves iced coffee, playing guitar and cat-cuddling! .

2 thoughts on “Can Cats Eat Baby Food? Good or Bad Idea? [Best Advice]

  1. This was exactly the info that I was looking for. My old man will be 18 next month but sadly isnt going to with us much longer. He has multiple health issues (including bone cancer) and there is nothing more that the vet can do. He’s comfortable and happy but he just keeps losing weight. I’ve been feeling guilty about giving him baby food more regularly (he’s had it before during health issues) but he seems to eat a little more kibble on days he gets it and he loves it! It might be in my head but it seems to help and honestly so long as he’s happy, then I’m happy but it is a relief to know that I’m not hurting him. Thank you!

  2. 2/14/2021
    Exactly the information I need. Cat vomits several times per day; losing weight. Physical by vet shows all blood work normal. Routine physical exam WNL. Stool and urine: negative. Reason for vomiting? a mystery. I have tried varieties of wet food and Kibble diets, raw food, and home cooked recipes…she might go a week or two without vomiting, then resumes vomiting for no apparent reason. Only thing I haven’t tried is baby food strained chicken. The Beechnut has 90 calories in 2.5 oz. . . . Highest calorie count of the baby food meat choices. I will try it and see….she is a sweet old lady who weight 8 pounds at her top weight and now weighs 5#5oz.

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