Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

why do siamese cats like water?

Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

Yes, Siamese cats do love water.

Generally, cats are known to be averse to water. You may have noticed your kitty frantically leaping over a bowl of water, avoiding your pool or doing everything possible to not get her paws wet. If this is a common phenomenon with your cat, chances are she is not a Siamese cat.

Unlike most cat breeds, Siamese cats have a remarkable interest in water and will do everything possible to take a splash whenever they get the chance.

In fact, accounts abounds of Siamese cats that do not just like water, but those that can actually tolerate being in water for much longer.

So, what explains this cat’s love affair with water? Read on to find out.

More about Siamese Cats

Basically, Siamese cats trace their origin back to Siam. These cats were part and parcel of the temple of the King of Siam, well as far as legends have it.

They were especially valued for their remarkable beauty and regal gracefulness.

But in addition to their striking beauty and graceful traits, Siamese cats were also lauded for their strength and relative aggression. This is why they were also used as guard cats.

Adorable Siamese Cat

As guard dogs, Siamese cats were perched on top of tall columns near the king’s throne, and were meant to immediately respond to any threats directed at the king.

The reason why they were placed at such lofty columns was to enable them spot the threat before they could get close enough to the king, then use their strength and agility to jump onto the assailant.

From such heights and with their powerful, muscular bodies, they would easily knock the threat to the floor. Siamese cats are remarkably intelligent cats. So they would assess the nature of the threat and if it comes down to it, they would also scratch the face of the king’s assailant.

The first Siamese to travel to Europe was actually donated as a gift to the consulate general of England in Bangkok by the Siamese king, somewhere around the late 1800’s.

At the start of the 1900’s, Siamese cats were then exported to North America from countries like Japan, Britain, France, and of course Siam. From then on, the cats spread to various other parts of the world.

Why Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

1. Curiosity:

You probably have heard lots of allusions made with regards to a cat’s curiosity. And being a cat, Siamese are characterized by intense curiosity.

They have a tendency to explore anything they find fascinating, and water happens to be one of them. The sound of your faucet running or of your shower splashing against the floor is something they find worth investigating.

Siamese cat playing with golden fish

In their world, water is such a fascinating thing and no matter how much of previous interactions they have had with it, they will always find something magical in water each time.

For instance, running water could closely resemble a snake slithering away, and your Siamese will quickly jump in to check it out.

Just to be sure it is not a dangerous animal, the cat might decide to paw at it. As the water splashes onto its face, it will relish the feeling while also resting assured it is nothing dangerous but a fun thing to play with.

If you constantly notice your cat starring at your pool as though it is about to jump in, or if you realize it likes following you to the shower, perhaps it wants to share in the experience.

2. Playfulness:

Another reason why Siamese cats love water is because of their playful tendencies. Siamese are some of the most playful cat breeds.

They have too much energy built within them, one that they are always trying to release. When a cat has so much energy packed up within it, but they fail to find a safe outlet, they may result in playing with anything they find around.

This is why when there is nobody or nothing with whom your cat can play, you will notice it pawing at the water droplets flowing out of your faucets. They will love it even better if it is running or noisy water, as that creates a realistic sight of a moving thing.

3. Instinct:

Cats are some of the most instinctive animals. According to credible accounts, it is said that you can take your cat miles away from your home but it will still instinctively find its way back.

It is this instinct that has made the Siamese cat so fond of water. It is believed that the cat is able to locate moving water, not by using its sense of sight but sense of hearing.

It is also said that cats can easily locate running water through its sense of hearing, far better than it can spot stagnant water.

This is an interesting fact because no matter where you place water in your house, your kitty friend will be able to detect it.

So even if you do not supply it adequate water in the bowl, the cat will still find its way around and drink water to its fill. A Siamese cat’s instinct is very developed, especially with regards to detecting things that they find basic necessities such as water.

apple head siamese cat sitting
4. Fresh fish?

This may come as strange but Siamese cats associate water with fish, especially running water. All cats love fish, and Siamese are no exception.

As a result of years of adaptation, cats have associated water with fresh fish, especially running water. That explains why your Siamese will be very excited when you go out to the river.

The sound of water splashing against the rocks comes with the thought of fresh fish jumping around. So even at home, water dripping from the faucet, or splashing in the bath tub could be their cue to go fishing.

Of course, they will not find any fish, but they will sure relish the experience. As a result of this association of water with fish, Siamese cats have also developed a taste for running as opposed to stagnant water. That is also as a result of years of adaptation.

What Kind Of Water Do Siamese Cats Love?

So far, it has become abundantly clear that Siamese cats love running water, and there are reasons for that.

First, they associate running water with fish. There are no credible reasons that have been adduced so far, but we can theorize that the sound of water rushing by is a signal that there is some fish trying to escape downstream.

Needless to mention, these cats once lived in the wild so they may have had lots of time fishing.

Another reason why Siamese cats prefer running water is because it is likely to be safer for drinking.

Cats are very picky when it comes to drinking. Siamese cats associate stagnant water with dirt and bad smell.

On the other hand, running water appears fresher and safer for drinking. And though they might not know it, they are right as running water is likely to be fresher and contain more oxygen.

Lastly, your Siamese cat could associate stagnant water with danger. As we already mentioned, cats are a curious lot and when they like it when things are moving about.

With stagnant water, their instincts immediately drive them to believe there could be danger lurking within. They will surely go to investigate, but they will do so when their guard is up. If the stagnant water is clear, they could try to stir it a bit and watch out for any response.

How Do I Know My Siamese Cat Likes Water?

There are various ways through which you can tell whether your Siamese cat loves water or not.

First and foremost, check how the cat plays with its water bowl. Do they consider their water bowl a toy?

If they like to play with their water bowl when the water is still in there, they could as well be playing with their reflection. They also find the splashing amazing.

Siamese kitten face


Another way to tell that your Siamese cat loves water if it constantly examines your bathtubs or toilets.

Moist areas of your house such as the toilet and bathroom are likely to constantly host your Siamese cat. They will always love it when their paws get a little wet and if given a chance, might consider taking a little swim in your bath tub.

Just remember to keep all these attractive surfaces clean. Your bathtub should be carefully scrubbed after use, and the toilet lead should be kept down to prevent the cat from drinking from the potty.


So, do Siamese cats like water? Yes, they do. As the cat owner, your responsibility is to help your cat relish its love for water. There are various ways through which you can do that.

First, always ensure you leave your bathrooms open so the cat can freely move in and check it out. You could also consider buying your cat a water toy or getting it a water fountain.


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