Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower? (5 Reasons)

my cat purrs while watching me shower

Cats have a way of prying love and affection right out of their owner’s hearts.

You must have noticed that your feline friend likes to just watch you take your bath. This is one of the feline mysteries that still puzzle a lot of cat owners.

Why does my cat watch me shower? Why does my cat meow at me when I’m in the shower? Why does he purr at me when I’m in the shower?

These are the many questions that must be going through your head as you try to figure out why your cat behaves like so.

Well, this does not just happen in your house alone. There are many cat owners who have noticed this kind of behavior with their cats and so today I want us to dig a little deeper and see if we can uncover this mystery.

1. Your cat’s litter box probably stays in the bathroom

If you don’t own a cat, it is probably difficult to try and explain this to you.

However, here is the gist: there are times when you go to the bathroom and your cat just dashes before you. Your little feline friend then proceeds to just stare at you pee as though it is a fluffy gargoyle.

If you dare try to lock her out, she begins to purr and meow at times even scratching the door like crazy. This is actually a phenomenon that even pet behavioral scientists don’t have an explanation for yet.

why does my cat watch me take a shower

However, according to one cat researcher, Ms. Delgado Mikel, who is undertaking her doctoral studies at the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis, there is no proven explanation as to why cats love to watch their owners shower but only mere speculations.

She says that there might be a number of reasons as to why cats like to join you in the bathroom.

? Most of the times, in many households, their litter box stays there so they may perceive it as a room that smells very familiar.

2. Your cat may be craving to have your undivided attention

Your cat also probably knows that when you are in the toilet then you make a captive audience.

You are mostly busy and your feline friend definitely craves for your attention and there is no better opportunity than when you are seated in the washroom.

The hassles of our daily lives sometimes makes us to be too busy to have some alone time to even bond with our feline friend so the only time they see opportunity is when you go to the bathroom.

Your cat likes to follow you to the bathroom to just spend some time with you. They also know you can’t do much while seated on that toilet seat or lying in the bathtub.

3. She probably enjoys the cool in the bathroom too

The other reason why your cat likes to watch you take a shower or even follow you to the bathroom is that they also enjoy the cool and seemingly smooth surface of the tiles or even just the running water excites them.

Truth be told, time we spend in the bathroom is invaluable. The water rejuvenates our souls and not just washes out bodies clean. Your cat is no different; they also enjoy the cool and soothing atmosphere of the bathroom.

So the next time you wonder why your cat purrs while watching you shower, they probably also feel the soothing effect of the running water.

why does my cat like to watch me shower

4. Your cat is obsessed with obscurity in the bathroom

According to one wildlife biologist, cats are also known to be naturally solitary creatures.

This could be the reason why they may find the bathroom obscure. That is why most cats are obsessed with following you to the bathroom.

Research shows that cats love to be in solitude, they enjoy this kind of environment.

Therefore don’t feel too awkward when you find your cat following you to the bathroom and even meow at you while you are enjoying your shower. They probably like the obscure bathroom environment.

5. Your cat probably just wants a lap cuddle

Cats, just like kids can be very intelligent and opportunistic when it comes to seeking for attention and affection from you.

As you may have noticed, lap sitting is very convenient for your cat when you are seated doing your business in the washroom.

They also know that your options are limited and you just have no choice other than cuddle them on your lap.

Also your cat thinks that she is at the center of the universe and you are their “slave” when in the washroom. Your cat will obviously see this as an opportunity to jump on your lap and enjoy the warmth even as you attend to natures call.

cat in the bath tub

Final thoughts

Many cat owners wonder and ask: why does my cat watch me shower? Why does she like to follow me to the bathroom? Doesn’t she know that I need my own privacy?

We may never fully comprehend this strange feline behavior or find out why your cat watches you while you take a shower. However, you also need to know that cats are pretty jealous when it comes to their owners.

Therefore, when your cat follows you to the bathroom, it may simply be a protective gesture. Your cat loves you too much to just let you out of sight just like that.

We may not be able to fully comprehend some of the things our feline friends do but in the long run, we do appreciate the fact that they do make our lives feel special and complete in indescribable ways.

The one thing I would advise you is that you need not feel ashamed when your cat just sits there and watches you while you take a shower.

It may seem weird but your little kitty means no harm. They just have their own reasons why they follow you to the bathroom and these are just some speculations as to why. They are not proven scientific facts.

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