Can Cats Sense Bad Energy? (All You Need To Know)

Can Cats Sense Bad Energy?

Do you recall that one time when you were grieving the loss of a friend or family member and for some reason, your cat couldn’t leave your side? Or when you earned a promotion at work and your feline friend appeared to be unusually elated, almost as if he shared in your joy?

Well, these are not just random incidences where cats seem to express empathy towards their human owners.

In fact, an article appearing in the journal PLOS ONE indicates that cats mirror their owners’ personality. Findings from this study cited human traits like extroversion, emotional stability, neuroticism, and openness as those commonly mirrored by cats.

The study has been corroborated by numerous anecdotal reports from cat owners who claim that their feline friends have a way of mimicking their own moods. But how factual are these claims? Can cats sense bad energy?

As surprising as it may sound, cats can surely pick up negative energy in your house and your life in general. Cats, like all pets, may not always understand what we say. However, they’re incredibly gifted at reading emotions. That’s largely because they spend too much time with us. Therefore, they’re smart enough to know when we’re happy, sad, anxious, or grieving.

This article delves deeper into the ability of cats to sense bad energy. The post shall cover, among other aspects, signs of bad energy in your life, how cats pick up and process these negative vibes, and what you can do to help the situation for yourself as well as your feline companion.

More About Negative Energy

One of the frequently asked questions by cat fanciers is, ‘can cats feel vibes?’

As we’ve just indicated, cats are incredibly talented at sensing energy shifts in our lives. Your cat will simply read your mood and immediately tell that something is out of whack.

Sometimes, the animal may pick up negative vibes even if the emotions do not necessarily show on your face. And as you shall find, cats are also gifted at sensing bad spiritual vibes.

Cat language bile

But before we delve deeper into how cats pick up and process bad energy, it’s important to start by highlighting what constitutes negative vibes.

Now, bad energy comprises people, things, places, environments, memories, or events that make you uncomfortable. These energies can manifest in a range of negative emotions. Examples include anger, fear, anxiety, jealousy, gloominess, self-criticism, and distrust.

Needless to mention, these emotions can co-exist in one person. Perhaps that’s what makes it easier for our cats to pick up negative vibes around us.

The following are the classic signs of bad energy in your life;

1. Unexplained Anxiety

Stress is part and parcel of our everyday experiences. In fact, it’s almost impossible to go a day without experiencing some form of stress.

Most cases of stress resolve on their own. But some may degenerate into anxiety and depression.

Anxiety is defined as excessive feelings of worry, even without apparent reasons. It’s one of the tell-tale signs of negativity in your life.

angry cat

2. Anger and Emotional Instability

Do you find yourself responding disproportionately to situations?

For instance, a colleague accidentally steps on your toes and you immediately erupt as though you’ve been harboring resentment towards them.

Well, that’s another classic case of bad energy around you.

3. Unwarranted Criticism

Constant, unwarranted criticism is a tell-tale sign of negative vibes.

In most cases, the criticism is directed at other people. However, it could also manifest as self-criticism.

Misplaced self-criticism can be detrimental to your overall self-esteem. It shows a distrust in your own potential. And if you cannot trust in your own abilities, then you wouldn’t expect other people to see your worth.

4. Jealousy and Greed

Some negative vibes present as greed and jealousy.

It starts by wanting more than what’s your rightful share. The object of your desire could be money, fame, attention, gifts, sexual partners, etc.

It then escalates to envy for what other people have. By the time you get to this stage, your life is usually packed with negative vibes.

5. Gloominess and Pessimism

It’s okay to be gloomy once in a while, especially after losing a loved one or a valuable opportunity.

However, persistent feelings of melancholy and pessimism could be indicative of bad energies playing out in your life.

It’s even worse when you choose to remain secretive about your frustrations instead of sharing them with other people.

Orange cat on couch looking to his owner

6. Affinity for Bad News

You’ve been leading a fairly normal life. But suddenly, you begin to take a curious interest in bad news.

Stories of 9/11, high-profile assassinations, or Armageddon seem to turn you on. You suddenly develop a compelling desire for paranormal movies or serial killers.

Well, this is another sign of negative vibes around you.

NOTE: Even people with positive energy may experience the above-listed symptoms once in a while. However, positive people are usually able to manage these emotions before they can take a toll on their lives.

But the question remains, do cats sense bad vibes?

The following sections shall offer more insights into whether your feline friend can pick up the above-listed emotions in your life.

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Do Cats Sense Negative Energy?

We’ve just examined a range of symptoms that could indicate the presence of negative vibes in your life. But maybe you’re still wondering, do cats sense bad energy?

Again, the answer is a resounding yes. In fact, it shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve lived with your cat long enough.

Cats are exceptionally gifted at reading and interpreting their owners’ emotions. On a long enough timeline, our feline companions can master the kinds of faces we make when happy, gloomy, anxious, distraught, etc. They can then assign each facial expression to a particular emotion and determine whether there are massive energy shifts taking place within us.

Now this is especially interesting, considering that a typical day for humans is a roller coaster of emotions. The facial expressions you make the first thing you wake up may be completely different from those you make while taking breakfast or driving to work.

Within that short time span, you could have expressed contrasting emotions, such as joy and sadness or optimism and pessimism. But for some strange reason, your cat will be able to tell when these energies play out and react appropriately.

Can Cats Sense Spiritual Energy?

So far, we’ve attempted to address the general question ‘can cats sense your energy?’ We’ve mentioned and reiterated that cats can, indeed, sense energy shifts within their human owners.

But cats are also mystic creatures. In various cultures around the world, these animals are associated with spiritualism.

So, the fact that cats can pick up negative vibes in your life may get you wondering whether they can also detect spiritual energy.

Simply put, cats can sense spiritual energy just as efficiently as they can pick up physical vibes.

You must have watched quite a few scary movies where cats seemed to react to something that no one else in the room could make out. The 2004 superhero film Catwoman, starring Halle Berry, might offer a perfect explanation on the ability of cats to detect massive changes in spiritual energy around us.

Even if you’ve not watched any of these films, you might still recall a time when your cat was starring suspiciously into an empty space or at specific places in the house. It’s possible that your feline friend might have picked up a focused energy of demons and evil spirits in your house. Starring curiously in one direction is the animal’s way of trying to protect you from any imminent danger.

Silver Tabby Cat

So, can cats sense danger in humans?

Yes, cats can sense danger in your life. The danger could be physical, such as an imminent break-in, to spiritual, such as the presence of ghosts or demons in your house. The next time you catch your cat standing in the doorway, frozen in his tracks and starring suspiciously at the door, don’t disturb him. He could be standing up to an evil entity trying to push its way into your house.

Do Cats Really See Ghosts And Angels?

Since cats can sense spiritual energy shifts around you, it goes without saying that they can also see ghosts and angels. You can determine the nature of spiritual energy manifesting in your house depending on the cat’s reactions.

In the case of ghosts, demons, and other evil spirits, your cat may seem overly curious and aggressive. The animal may actually appear to be fighting off an invisible introducer.

The opposite is true if you happen to have been visited by angels and other good spirits, such as the spirit of a loved one who died years ago. Although your cat will still demonstrate a level of anxiety, he may not get as violent as he would when fending off evil spirits.

However, it’s important to note that cats have also been associated with bad luck. Black is probably the most unlucky cat color ever (which is quite unfortunate considering how cute and affectionate black cats can be).

Some cultures believe that when a strange black cat crosses your path, you either take a different turn or wait for someone else to cross before proceeding along the same road. Going by the fact that cats can see evil spirits, cultures that associate the black cat with bad luck may believe that a ghost or demon is about to walk along the same path.

But perhaps we should mention that there’s really nothing unlucky about black cats other than what some people want to believe. For all we know, all cats possess spiritual powers, their color notwithstanding.

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How Do Cats Act When They Sense Bad Energy?

It’s not unusual to come across a cat owner wondering, can cats sense if something is wrong in my house?

Yes, cats can certainly sense if something is out of place in your house.

You can easily pinpoint the problem by analyzing your cat’s reaction. Fortunately, there are numerous ways cats can help to reveal the presence of negative vibes in our lives.

Running and hiding is arguably the most common way a cat will respond to bad energy in his environment. The cat may choose to hide under the bed, basement, or even up in the attic in a bid to minimize his interactions with the evil entity in your house. This is pretty much how cats respond to negative energy in the wild.

So, perhaps you’ve always wondered to yourself, can cats sense bad vibes in people?

Yes, they can. One way to know that your cat has picked up negative energy in a person is if the animal runs and hides. The next time you invite your friends over and your cat rushes frantically across the room looking for a hiding spot, be sure there’s one of your friends harboring negative vibes.

The following are other ways cats may respond to negative energy in your house;

1. Staying Up All Night

Cats are crepuscular animals. Ideally, they should be more active at dawn and dusk, preferring to sleep at night or during the day.

ginger cat sleeping

However, cats have also adapted to our sleep-wake cycles. That explains why many housecats pretty much sleep at night and stay active during the day.

But in the case of negative energy in your house, your cat may prefer to stay awake than sleep. That’s how he keeps vigilant and protects you from the evil spirits hovering around the house.

Many superstitious cat owners often wonder, do cats sleep where there is bad energy?

No, cats will not sleep when there’s an evil presence in your house. Instead, they’ll prefer to stay awake, keeping a watchful eye over you.

In fact, your house may not necessarily be possessed. The mere expression of negative emotions on your face might be all that it takes to throw your cat’s circadian rhythms off balance.

2. Constant Hissing

Hissing will mostly happen when the cat appears subdued by the bad energy in his environment.

The animal will go into a defensive mode and begin to hiss hysterically, just like he’d do when confronted by a real-life danger.

Hissing may also be accompanied by growling, baring of teeth, or pawing in the air.

Gray cat on sofa meowing

3. Ignoring Their Owners and Other Household Members

Another way cats respond to negative energy is by ignoring their owners and other household members, including fellow cats.

For instance, cats may detach themselves from humans that are constantly yelling at them or pets that are always playing aggressively. Your cat understands that the less he interacts with the person or animal harboring negative energy, the fewer the chances of violent confrontations.

So, can cats sense evil in a person?

Yes, cats can sense evil in a person and one way you’ll know is if the cat ignores the person completely.

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Documented Cases Where Cats Picked Up Negative Vibes and Responded Appropriately

If you’re still skeptical that cats can detect energy shifts in our lives and possibly save the day, then the following examples may change your perception completely;

Homer, a blind cat, saved his owner from a possible home invasion by attacking and successfully warding off the intruder.

Tommy the cat dialed 911 after figuring out that his owner had a stroke. Tommy’s owner had previously taught him to press the 911 dial in the event of emergencies.

Tara the cat saved a 4-year-old Californian boy from a vicious dog attack. The cat was later awarded a medal in recognition of his heroic deeds.

Pudding pulled her 36-year-old owner, Amy Jung, from what could have become a fatal diabetic seizure. Interestingly, this happened the same day Amy adopted the cat.

Major Tom raised the alarm that saved his owner from sinking in his own yacht off Western Australia’s Gascoyne coast.

Baby, a 13-year-old cat, woke up his owners before their house was consumed by fire. The cat was able to save the man and his wife, who was pregnant with twins at the time.

Fidge the cat sniffed out a potentially fatal medical condition by jumping on his owner, Wendy Humphreys’, breasts. Humphrey decided to visit the hospital and discovered she had a malignant tumor on the breast that could have metastasized if it hadn’t been discovered early enough.

A cat that ‘talked’ a man out of suicide. After a three-hour standoff, the man who had resolved to take his own life had one more reason to live.

Are Cats Spiritual Protectors?

It’s undeniably true that cats can pick up negative energy around us. And that includes negative spiritual energy.

But can these animals also protect us from evil spirits?

Well, the answer depends on your level of superstition. Many cultures believe that cats may offer protection from evil spirits.

For instance, cats are considered spiritual guardians and bearers of good luck in Japan and China. A notable example is the Japanese cat Maneki Neko, who’s believed to drive bad spirits away and attract good luck.

In Russia, it’s a common practice to release a cat into a new house first before the human occupants enter the house. That way, the cat can drive away any negative energy that might have been left by previous occupants.

hiding cat
Cats were also revered in ancient Egypt. So much that if a cat died, all members of that household would shave their eyebrows and continue to mourn the deceased cat until the eyebrows grew back. According to ancient Egyptian mythology, cats are endowed with the power to drive away evil spirits.

Last but not least, Buddhists believe that cats harbor the souls of the dead. Apparently, these souls live in the bodies of cats before they can get a new life.

Can Cats Absorb Negative Energy?

Cats are remarkably endowed with ‘astral force,’ which can absorb or repel negative energy. We’ve already highlighted countless illustrations of the same, based on various cultures and real-life accounts.

Cats have a powerful energy field that can trap and diffuse negative energy before this energy takes a toll on the cat’s environment. So, having a cat is an effective natural way to neutralize negative vibes in your life.

Since cats can absorb negative energy, you could now be wondering, do cats have healing powers?

Yes, cats have healing powers. Not only can cats protect you from bad spiritual energy. They’re also capable of offering all-round therapeutic benefits.

Many cultures that consider cats as healers borrow from the fact that cats are highly hygienic. Therefore, they can easily rid their surroundings of vermin. Plus, cats are known to clean homes of rats and other disease carriers.

Other Frequently Asked Questions Relating To Cats and Negative Energy

Can cats sense good energy?

Yes, cats can sense good energy the same way they can pick up negative vibes.

Can cats sense if you’re a good person?

Since cats can sense positive energy, it goes that they can also detect if you’re a good person.

Can Cats sense when other cats are dying?

Absolutely. Death is bad energy that cats can pick up quite effectively.

a beautiful fluffy cat

So, Can Cats Sense Negative Energy?

Yes, cats can sense negative and positive energy alike. Certain feline behaviors might help to clue you in on the nature of the energy that your cat is picking up in your house.

Fortunately, cats are also extraordinary healers that can protect us from evil spirits and other forms of negative vibes.

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